Trashz Recordz is an Italian label founded by Doc Trashz in 2012. Over the years, the label has released numerous works from artists from around the world. Trashz Recordz has served as a launchpad for many of these artists in the professional electronic music scene.

The main concept behind Trashz Recordz is to provide a platform for those who have always wanted to offer something unconventional and perhaps not easily accessible. These innovative proposals often get discarded by other labels. Trashz Recordz is committed to giving these artists a chance, offering them an opportunity to showcase their music to the public.

Trashz Recordz aims to break the mold and promote musical diversity. The label believes in the importance of giving a voice to artists who may be overlooked or ignored by more conventional musical contexts.

Trashz Recordz is dedicated to supporting and highlighting original and innovative musical artistry, offering an alternative to the mainstream music landscape. The label represents a community of artists and enthusiasts who share the same vision and passion for unconventional electronic music.

In summary, Trashz Recordz is an Italian label that is dedicated to discovering and promoting artists who are willing to challenge musical conventions and bring forth new forms of expression in electronic music.